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PVC and other materials can be used for vacuum forming

Vacuum forming is widely used in the production of calcium-plastic ceiling decorative materials, washing machine and refrigerator shells, motor shells, artworks and daily necessities. Vacuum forming is often called plastic absorption, is a plastic pr

Prolong service life of polyester melt gear pump

Melt gear pump is an essential equipment for polyester melt conveying and metering. Compared with other types of melt pump, gear pump has the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high volumetric efficiency, les

Method of disassembling and washing standard melt pump

1. After the melt pump disintegrates, the gear and sealing components should be lightly placed on the clean table, and the components should be cleaned first with compressed air or clean cotton cloth. And carefully check whether the parts wear, crack

How to choose the driving device of melt pump

Selection of melt pump motor The drive system of the melt pump is as important as the gear pump itself, because the control precision directly affects the transmission accuracy of the gear pump. There are three commonly used driving methods nowadays:

High temperature 0.4CC MP-H plastic extrusion melt pump

The batte melt pump adopts a unique volume design, which is suitable for the transport, pressurization and measurement of high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt , so that it can not be affected by the changes of pressure, temperature, and v

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