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Why batte melt pump is lower than other companies'quotation

Why batte melt pump manufacturers offer lower price than other companies after it is not difficult to find, batte melt pump manufacturers offer lower prices than all the same industry companies, for many years, the majority of users are also accustom

6 characteristics and precautions for use of melt metering pump

6 characteristics and precautions of melt pump (metering pump) 1, in the process of conveying medium, zero leakage is achieved. 2, the BART melt pump head part does not need any cooling device, will not produce high temperature phenomenon. 3. The hig

High efficiency melt pump is suitable for industry

Bart high efficiency melt pump is developed and manufactured by our company independently. The whole machine adopts the form of single-axis and three-screw belt to mix material efficiently and quickly. Under the motion of spiral belt of stirring shaf

How much can the extruder and melt pump increase?

Q: how much can the extruder and melt pump increase? Answer: In order to increase the output of the extruder, after adding the batte melt pump , the maximum pressure fluctuation of the extruder is in the pump, which can make the internal pressure of

Specific measures for melt pump leakage

Zhengzhou Batte is a large melt pump manufacturer in China, with decades of RD and production experience, providing supporting equipment for thousands of domestic extruder manufacturers. The volume loss (melt leakage) is unavoidable in the process of

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