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batte Two component melt blown Technology

Two component melt blown technology, including skin core type, parallel type, triangle type, etc., usually fiber fineness is close to 2 micro;, the number of holes of melt blown component can reach 100 holes per inch, and the extrusion amount of each

Can ordinary masks be used instead of surgical masks with fusible spray cloth

These days, Im also frantically looking for masks. Let me talk about my way of purchasing. First of all, the coronavirus is 80-120nm. Because it is generally attached to the body fluid and spewed out, its generally larger than 0.1um. I forget how muc

Failure Analysis of High Temperature Melt Pump Seal

Flushing and cooling are important steps to prolong the sealing life of high temperature melt pump . On the one hand, flushing can reduce the friction heat, stirring heat, reduce the temperature of the sealing end surface, and ensure the stability of

Solution of Bidirectional Axial Sealing Compensation Gear Pump

The requirement of hydraulic melt gear pump for its axial seal is very high. Otherwise, the efficiency of the melt gear pump will be reduced or even can not play the role of the pump. At present, the domestic manufacturers of melt gear pump provide b

Application of Reactor Transfer Melt Pump in Plastics and Chemical Industry

The main function of the melt pump is to pressurize the high temperature plastic melt from the extruder and feed the flow into the extruder head steadily after stabilization. Its ability of stabilizing melt pressure and flux is superior to that of va

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