batte melt pump

Extrusion pump series and parallel adjustment method

Batte high temperature plastic extrusion melt pump is mainly used for high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt delivery, pressurization, metering. Its main function is to pressurize and stabilize the hot melt from the extruder, keeping the me

t-die extrusion lamination

LUMINIUM TREAD PLATE:Pattern:diamond,1bar,3 bars,5bars. Temper of Aluminium stucco embossed sheet:H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32, H34, H36, H38, Oetc. Alloy of Aluminium stucco embossed sheet:1050 1060 1070 1100 1200 1235 5052 5754 3003 etc.

The difference between rubber extrusion die and plastic plate extrusion die

Lets talk about the rubber extrusion die . Rubber extrusion die design and molding die are significantly different. For rubber mold, the rubber compound is vulcanized and formed under the fixed tolerance and restriction of the mold cavity. Therefore,

How to judge the quality of cast film extrusion die

The quality of a plastic cast film die will directly affect the quality of plastic products. So how do we judge the quality of plastic cast film mold it? We can judge by the following five methods: First: in the design must reduce the need to disasse

extrusion sheet die

Batte specializing in the production of various kinds of plastic, sheet, film mould extrusion die, single or multi-layer co-extrusion die head, extrusion sheet die ,distributor, melt metering pump, all kinds of hydraulic automatic net changer, mirror

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