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Improperly Designed Metering Section for a Two-Stage Screw

A gear pump system was added to an existing 114.3 mm diameter, two-stage, vented extruder on a PS sheet line as detailed in Figure 2. The extruder discharge pressure before the addition of the pump was about 20 MPa, and the process was fairly stable

Gear Pump Seizing for extruder

A polystyrene (PS) sheet line was constructed using a two-stage, vented extruder and a gear pump. On several occasions the bearings on a gear pump would seize.A Automatic Screw Control Automatic Screw Control Manual Control Motor Current Screw Speed

sheet extrusion pump line

A sheet extrusion line consists of an Extruder (single or twin screw), equipped with a Screen Changer and a Gear Pump, followed by a Static Mixer. Melt pumps come in a variety of types and sizes to fit the needs of your extrusion, compounding or poly

gaer pump assisted single-screw extrusion processes

benefits of gear pump assisted extrusion, especially in single screw applications, is critically reviewed, and a method of predicting the operational conditions of.Gear pumps are often positioned between smooth-bore single-screw extruders and dies, p

Gear pump in an extrusion line

Extrusion Melt Pumps , otherwise known as gear pumps , can be useful additions to just about any extrusion line. The technical and econo- mic solution for increasing the performance of extrusion lines.In order to obtain an extruded profile of consist

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