batte melt pump

How to choose the driving device of melt pump

Selection of melt pump motor The drive system of the melt pump is as important as the gear pump itself, because the control precision directly affects the transmission accuracy of the gear pump. There are three commonly used driving methods nowadays:

High temperature 0.4CC MP-H plastic extrusion melt pump

The batte melt pump adopts a unique volume design, which is suitable for the transport, pressurization and measurement of high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt , so that it can not be affected by the changes of pressure, temperature, and v

Film special for extrusion melt pump

A gear pump is installed on the extrusion line, and the speed of the extruder is regulated by PLC through accurate pressure measurement before the extrusion melt pump, so as to maintain stable and orderly pressure and improve the material flow. To op

How to make it more convenient for you to install the melt pump

How can the melt pump be installed more convenient? 1. It is recommended that the suction pipe should be self filled and the suction end of the melt pump is lower than the lowest level of the liquid storage tank. If the suction lift type must be inst

Why does melt pump increase product output in unit time?

In order to improve the extruders output, after adding the batte PUMP melt pump , the pressure fluctuation of the extruder is in the rear of the pump, which can reduce the pressure inside the extruder, decrease the shear strength of the melt, slow th

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