How to judge the quality of cast film extrusion die
    The quality of a plastic cast film die will directly affect the quality of plastic products. So how do we judge the quality of plastic cast film mold it? We can judge by the following five methods: First: in the design must reduce the need to disasse
    extrusion sheet die
    Batte specializing in the production of various kinds of plastic, sheet, film mould extrusion die, single or multi-layer co-extrusion die head, extrusion sheet die ,distributor, melt metering pump, all kinds of hydraulic automatic net changer, mirror
    batte PET sheet die
    batte PET sheet die Specifications 1. PET Sheet dies without restrictor bars are used for product thickness ranges below 2mm). dies with restrictor bars are used when product thicknesses range both below and above 2mm, or for highly degradable materi
    extrusion dies to die
    extrusion dies to die Key Specifications/Special Features: extrusion dies to die Characters :the extrusion dies to die with various structure types are widely used in production all kinds of plastic sheet and plates,such as plastic PP、PS、PE、HIP
    Plastic extrusion gear melt pump
    Plastic extrusion gear melt pump Zhengzhou Butter Melt Pump Co., Ltd. Sea Branch melt pump is a positive displacement conveying equipment, high-precision gear clearance and volumetric structure design, so that a stable and balanced extrusion possible
    Polymer plastic extrusion melt pump
    The main function of the Polymer plastic extrusion melt pump is to pressurize the high-temperature plastic melt from the extruder, and the flow is steadily fed into the extruder head after the pressure regulation. Its ability to stabilize melt pressu
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