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What are the precautions during the installation of the reactor melt pump?

The reactor transfer melt pump is applicable to the reaction transfer of high-temperature and high viscosity polymer melt requiring high output pressure, such as resin, chemical fiber and other industries. It is generally installed at the lower part of the reactor and used as a feed pump. This series of melt gear pumps have good self-priming performance, and can be applied to the transportation and pressurization of polymer materials under vacuum reaction conditions.

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Please check the following items before installing the reactor gear pump:

1. The reactor or pipeline has been thoroughly cleaned.

2. The packing of the gear pump has been cleaned.

3. There is no foreign matter in the melt gear pump.

4. The appearance of the reactor gear pump is good, and there are no defects such as bumps and scratches.

5. Bolts, gaskets and other fasteners shall be complete in quantity and in good quality.

6. The fixed gear pump equipment such as reactor and pipeline is installed and fastened without looseness.

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During the installation of the reactor gear pump, the following points shall be paid special attention to:

1. Please keep the inside of the melt gear pump clean at all times;

2. Prevent foreign matters from falling into the pump chamber during hoisting;

3. Any hard sundries such as iron filings, welding slag, metal, etc. that exist or flow through the gear pump will cause serious damage to the gear pump;

4. It is easy to leave welding slag inside the reactor and melt pipe, which must be cleaned up. The residual welding slag flowing through the gear pump will cause serious damage to the pump.

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All inspections shall meet the requirements. If a universal coupling is used, the half coupling at the pump end shall be installed before lifting. The half coupling shall be hot installed or tapped in slightly, and strong tapping is not allowed. After the half coupling is installed in place, the set screw shall be tightened. Avoid abnormal loads such as over tightening, compression, deflection, etc. acting on the pump when connecting the suction port and discharge port, so as to prevent abrasion, abrasion and other failures of the housing and rotating parts. Zhengzhou Batte is a professional melt gear pump manufacturer in China, providing gear pump equipment with complete specifications and models.

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