Specific measures for melt pump leakage
    Zhengzhou Batte is a large melt pump manufacturer in China, with decades of RD and production experience, providing supporting equipment for thousands of domestic extruder manufacturers. The volume loss (melt leakage) is unavoidable in the process of
    How to avoid clogging of lubrication channel of melt pump effectively
    The melt pump is installed after the extruder as a discharging mechanism. It can reduce the pressure variation and fluctuation, increase the output and reduce the flow rate fluctuation, reduce the work of the extruder to establish pressure and improv
    Heat treatment method for tooth profile of high temperature melt pump manufacturer
    Melt pump as a high internal pressure vessel, containing a variety of different melts, and sometimes to the nose to provide pressure 20-30 Mpa polymer melt, strength requirements for the pump body is important, so the pump usually requires light weig
    Bearing seal affects the service life of high temperature melt pump
    Bearing seal affects the service life of high temperature melt pump High temperature melt pump mainly works in high temperature and high pressure environment. In the daily maintenance of high temperature pump, the greatest workload occurs in the seal
    PVC and other materials can be used for vacuum forming
    Vacuum forming is widely used in the production of calcium-plastic ceiling decorative materials, washing machine and refrigerator shells, motor shells, artworks and daily necessities. Vacuum forming is often called plastic absorption, is a plastic pr
    Prolong service life of polyester melt gear pump
    Melt gear pump is an essential equipment for polyester melt conveying and metering. Compared with other types of melt pump, gear pump has the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high volumetric efficiency, les
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