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What are the precautions during the installation of the reactor melt pump?

The reactor transfer melt pump is applicable to the reaction transfer of high-temperature and high viscosity polymer melt requiring high output pressure, such as resin, chemical fiber and other industries. It is generally installed at the lower part

How to distinguish the inlet and outlet of the melt pump?

How to distinguish the inlet and outlet of the melt pump? The following is a detailed description: The direction of the arrow on the cover of the melt pump is the material flow direction, that is, the direction of the arrow is the outlet direction of

Structure, working principle and displacement of double-drive melt pump

Similar to the structure of the single-drive melt pump, the double-drive melt pump is also mainly composed of a pump body, front and rear side plates, two intermeshing gears, bearings and seals, heating and cooling parts, etc. The difference is that

What factors affect the leakage and volumetric efficiency of melt pumps

1. Leakage gap of melt pump The gear end surface leakage of the melt pump is the main part of the total leakage of the melt pump; the radial leakage caused by the gap between the top of the gear and the melt pump body and the bearing gap accounts for

Two problems have been solved by melt pump for PVB extruder

In the production of PVB intermediate film, melt pump is indispensable for melt transportation. General melt pump includes pump body, drive shaft, driven shaft, bearing and seal. At present, there are two troubles in the melt pump used in the PVB inte

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