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batte Two component melt blown Technology

  Two component melt blown technology, including skin core type, parallel type, triangle type, etc., usually fiber fineness is close to 2 & micro;, the number of holes of melt blown component can reach 100 holes per inch, and the extrusion amount of each hole can reach 0.5g/min.

  Skin core type: can make nonwovens feel soft, can be made into concentric, eccentric, shaped products. Generally, low-cost materials are used as the core, and expensive polymers with special or required properties are the outer layer, such as polypropylene core, nylon outer layer, which makes the fiber hygroscopic; polypropylene core, low melting point polyethylene or modified polypropylene, modified polyester, etc. which can be used for bonding. For carbon black type conductive fiber, the conductive core is wrapped inside.

  Juxtaposition type: it can make nonwovens have good elasticity. Generally, it is made of two different polymers or the same polymer with different viscosity into juxtaposition type two-component fiber. It can be made into spiral crimp fiber by using different heat shrinkability of different polymers. For example, 3M company has developed the melt blown PET / PP two-component fiber nonwovens. Due to the different shrinkage, the formation of spiral curl makes the nonwovens have excellent elasticity.

  Terminal type: This is another kind of polymer compounded in the three leaf type, cross type and terminal type. When it is used as antistatic, moisture conducting and conductive fiber, it can be compounded on the top of the conductive polymer, which can not only conduct moisture, but also conduct electricity and antistatic, and save the amount of conductive polymer.

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