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Melt gear pump for silicone rubber

A complete set of melt gear pump for silicone rubber provided by Zhengzhou Batt includes: pump body, frequency conversion motor, hardened gear reducer, universal coupling, bracket, pressure sensor, etc.

rubber extrusion melt pump

The material of the pump body of the gear pump for silicone rubber is 304 stainless steel; the material of the gear: 440B, the material of the shaft sleeve: high temperature alloy steel + anti-corrosion nickel infiltration process; the sealing method: spiral + cold water ring; the heating method: steam heating. The material conveying direction of silicone rubber melt gear pump is: from the pump shaft direction, left in and right out clockwise; the flow adjustment method is frequency conversion; flow adjustment range: 0-100%; pump end coupling type: universal coupling; the operating temperature of silicone rubber melt gear pump is less than 300℃. Zhengzhou Barth professional melt gear pump manufacturer, providing melt gear pump for silicone rubber specifications ranging from 5CC-12000CC.


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