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ZB-B standard extrusion melt pump

ZB-B series of standard extrusion melt pumps are mainly used for pressurized and stable flow transport of extruders or high viscosity polymers. The main heating method is electric heating. It is suitable for PS, PP, PET, PVC, PC, PMMA, PA, ABS, PE-LL

Application of melt filter in chemical fiber production

With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, peoples quality requirements are constantly improving. Quality is the foundation for the survival of enterprises. Improving quality and reducing costs is the pursuit of every

Improving the operation life scheme of plastic extrusion melt pump

Zhengzhou Batte teaches you to improve the life of the melt pump - Zhengzhou Batte melt pump Co., Ltd. will provide you with ten measures: 1. The melt pump body is operated at high temperature because of the plastic extrusion. Therefore, a hinge supp

Gear pump extrusion line

In the extrusion line to install a gear pump , pump accurate pressure measurement before the extruder through the PLC to adjust the speed, pressure stability, orderly increase the flow to optimize the feeding process. Melt metering pumps are widely u

high temperature melt pump gear pump

Batte melt pump is a professional manufacturer of melt pump, high temperature melt pump , melt gear pump, melt metering pump, hot melt adhesive pump, hot melt adhesive pump, hot melt adhesive gear pump, hot melt metering pump, Conveying melt pumps an

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