Extrusion pump performance graph how to use?
    Extrusion pump performance graph how to use? 1. Find the selected metering pump corresponding performance curve. 2. In the following charts indicate the current back pressure.
    Zhengzhou Batte extrusion pump works
    Batte Machinery Zhengzhou Co.,Ltd. extrusion pump is a positive displacement delivery device, flow and pump speed was strictly proportional relationship. Mainly by the pump casing, the drive gear, driven gear, sliding bearings, front and rea
    Zhengzhou Batte packaged improve with Extrusion pump
      Zhengzhou Batte packaged with Extrusion pump is mainly used for high temperature and high viscosity of the polymer melt conveying, pressurization, and Measurement.
    The benefits of polymer extrusion using the melt pump
    Batte company since professional production of extrusion pump, high temperature metering pump, metering pump, extrusion pump application technology has accumulated rich experience. In recent years, according to the worlds metering pump, ext
    Batte extrusion pump installation steps
    1. carefully check the packing of the pump, if there is any damage or loss, please contact our company immediately.. This pump is made of high temperature alloy steel, and all parts are treated with high hardness, so the material is more br
    Batte Machinery Zhengzhou Co.,Ltd. introduction
    Batte company's policy is to continued continuous research and development based, so that Batte is able to make a high-tech and high efficient products, with excellent product reliability, these products through carefully selected raw materials and c
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