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High Pressure Extrusion Melt Pump for Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

Plastic extruder melt pump is installed in the extrusion line of a gear pump, pump accurate pressure measurement before, through the PLC to adjust the extruder speed, pressure stability, and orderly increase the flow to optimize the feeding process.

Gear pump extruder construction and extrusion process

Extruder gear pump having a pair of gears meshing with each other, as shown, the gear fixed to the driving wheel on the driving shaft, projecting end of the shaft driven by a prime mover housing, and the other gear wheel mounted on the driven shaft a

The unique volumetric design of the extrusion pump

The unique volumetric design of the extrusion pumpSeries pumps allows them to deliver precise, consistent transport of polymers without the effects of pressure, temperature, and viscosity changes. The zb series pumps provide the pressure between the

Extrusion pump working principle in india

Extrusion pump according to the direction of the head and screw the center line of the angle, the head is divided into bevel head (angle 120o) and right angle head. The head of the shell is bolted to the fuselage, the nose of the mold with a mold cor

Improperly Designed Metering Section for a Two-Stage Screw

A gear pump system was added to an existing 114.3 mm diameter, two-stage, vented extruder on a PS sheet line as detailed in Figure 2. The extruder discharge pressure before the addition of the pump was about 20 MPa, and the process was fairly stable

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