How does the melt pump daily maintenance?
    1. daily inspection of the melt pump fasteners, such as: screws, etc. are loose, check the installation line interface and so on oil leakage. 2.check the oil seal, often clean oil seal, to prevent the impact of mechanical service life. 3. r
    Introduction of pipeline pump
    The internal rotation of the water rose too, the internal pressure becomes small, due to the atmospheric pressure, the water enters the turbine part. In fact, the pump is generally installed directly on the pipe road, called the pipe pump.
     Melt pump plays an indispensable role In the extruder
    Melt pump plays an indispensable role In the extruder. It can not only stabilize the melt conveying material, can also provide more effectively than the screw extrusion pressure, and it can be used as a mixing device, used in order to impro
    How to improve the working performance of the gear pump?
    The development direction of the high - pressure gear pump is to improve the working pressure, reduce the leakage, improve the volume efficiency, reduce the pulsation and reduce the noise.. So as to produce high - pressure gear pump. Increa
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