batte melt pump

The output pressure of the melt gear pump

From a processing point of view, it is our main goal to control the output pressure of the melt gear pump as low as possible, which will lead to an increase in output and an increase in the efficiency of the extrusion system. In addition, in addition

How to solve the problem of insufficient flow of melt pump or insufficient outlet pressure

Recently, we have often asked our customers to ask questions like this: how to solve the problem of insufficient flow of melt pump or insufficient export pressure? Pipeline pump (1) reason: insufficient inhalation. Solution: increase liquid level. (2

Serial and continuous adjustment of extrusion pump

A series connection regulation method of the extruding pump is adopted. When a single metering pump can not meet the transportation task, the parallel or series operation of the metering pump can be used. Two parallel model pumps are used in parallel

Polypropylene metering pump maintenance

Region polyester manufacturers at home and abroad whenever you cannot leave for maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, and to produce its own series of problems such as the quality of the products were discussed and ascension, at this time, yo

Extrusion melt pump PET production unit finally condensate

This process is a special process. From the second advance polycondensation reactor prepolymer is divided into two road, respectively from the bottom of the disc reactor, at 272 ℃ under the condition of soil 3 ℃, about 130 pa, after about 171 min

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