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plastics compounding and polymer processing melt pump

Polymer melt gear pumps have been widely used in the production lines of chemical fiber, film, profile, pipe, sheet, cable, compound extrusion, pelletizing, etc. The materials that can be processed cover most polymer materials, such as: PE, PC, PP, P

The role and selection of melt pumps for plastic film extruders

Plastic extrusion melt pumps are mainly used for stabilizing, pressurizing and conveying polymer flow layers in medium or high viscosity media. The use of melt pumps is more effective when extruding films and thin-walled profiles. This is because the

Management of heating up process of spinning and fusing nonwovens production line

Before the spunbond and melt blown nonwovens production line is put into operation, the spunbond and melt blown systems start to heat up from the cold state respectively, including screw extruder, melt filter, melt pipe, spinning pump , spinning box

Temperature and pressure control of high temperature melt pump

The temperature control of the high temperature melt pump is mainly to check the side of the temperature. The temperature detection method: install a temperature sensor at the inlet of the high temperature melt pump to conduct real-time detection of

Causes of pump jamming of polyester melt metering pump

When the driving torque of the melt metering pump increases gradually due to external factors, exceeding the rated shear moment of the safety pin of the protection metering pump, the safety pin breaks, the production stops, and the pump is stuck. It

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