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Precautions before operation of melt metering gear pump?

1. The melt gear pump shall be fully heated before operation, and the temperature rise per hour shall not exceed 100 ° C. That is, assuming the current pump body temperature is 0 ° C and the target temperature is 200 ° C, the temperature shall be slowly raised to 100 ° C for 1 hour, and then slowly raised to 200 ° C for 1 hour. The temperature rise is 100 degrees per hour. Start up after holding for at least one hour.

2. As all parts of the melt metering gear pump are subject to heat treatment, too rapid heating will easily lead to the annealing of the pump material, which will cause great damage to the pump quality.

3. The low speed of the melt metering gear pump is 10rpm. If it is less than this speed, it will be shut down within 2 minutes. Do not operate at low speed and high pressure, which will cause damage to the melt metering pump.

4. The operating pressure of the gear pump of the melt metering pump shall not exceed the specified value, otherwise the equipment may be damaged.

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