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Structure, working principle and displacement of double-drive melt pump

Similar to the structure of the single-drive melt pump, the double-drive melt pump is also mainly composed of a pump body, front and rear side plates, two intermeshing gears, bearings and seals, heating and cooling parts, etc. The difference is that the double-drive melt pump The two gear shafts are driving wheels, which are connected to the reduction box of the motor at the input end. The two gear rotors are meshed but the tooth surfaces are in a non-contact state.

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The working principle of the double-drive melt pump is the same as that of the single-drive melt pump. Its main function is to form a feed cavity and a discharge cavity through the continuous change of the working cavity volume, and pressurize the high-temperature plastic melt from the extruder. The pressure is stabilized to keep the melt flow stably fed into the extruder head. When the melt at the pump inlet of the dual-drive melt pump has relatively large pressure fluctuations due to various reasons, the pressure fluctuation at the pump outlet is small

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The main features of the double-drive melt pump are in addition to the advantages of simple and compact structure, reliable operation and long service life of the single-drive melt pump. Compared with the pump, there is no meshing force between the tooth surfaces, and the radial force on the gear shaft only comes from the hydraulic pressure when the material builds up, which can greatly reduce the previous single shaft drive. It makes the possibility of fatigue damage to the shaft, reduces the radial force of the bearing, and prolongs the service life of the melt pump. The double-drive melt pump provided by Zhengzhou Batte has a displacement ranging from 100CC to 3200CC, and can also be customized according to the actual production needs of users.

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