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    When you buy extrusion pump,do you konw what is most importa
    Batte extrusion pump is mainly used in conjunction with extrusion pumpders or kneaders.And the introdutions of the Batte extrusion pump Technical Features
    extrusion pump of the best working condition(Next)
    4, the extrusion pump test, it should start low, check the rotation direction is correct; it must be stationary when starting the fan speed and then start to prevent high-speed reverse rotation, causing the switch trips and motor damage.
    extrusion pump of the best working condition(Part)
    extrusion pump is a complex structure of the equipment, the main air inlet valve, impeller, motor, the outlet composition. In different states, extrusion pump effect is not the same. Therefore, different operating conditions partly dissentin
    Extruder dedicated pump cases and applications
    extruder dedicated pump cases:   1. water, hot water, heat transfer and other media cycle   2. The mold temperature equipment, die-casting mold temperature,
    extrusion pump company - Batte
    extrusion pump in particular to a gear pump having acid functional wear. The utility model in accordance with the design provided by the installation of the drive shaft and the driven shaft in the housing, the drive shaft is located within t
    extrusion pump operation and maintenance
    1, extrusion pump start:   (1) Check all pipes before starting the flange sealing joints.   (2) dynamic coupling plate, no friction and collision sound.
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