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High Pressure Extrusion Melt Pump for PlasticPipe Extrusion Line


Large-diameter hollow winding pipe production line

1. Pipe diameter range :400-3000mm

2. Inverter:ABB

4. Capacity:320-800kg/hr

PE Large-diameter extrusion pump pipe production line

batte extrusion pump line

1.This kind of pipes has many extremely excellent characteristics,such as corrosion resistant,light and easy to fix

,long life -span( 50 years ),etc.It can suitable pipes made of high energy consumption material (cement,cast iron, porcelain a

nd ceramics,etc ).It is widely used for sewer in super high way municipal construction,flats,athletic field,square,

mine,agriculture,and bridges etc.

2. Its outer wall is neat and smooth.Specification is varied from 400mm to 2200mm.According to different usages,

the hardness degree of ring is divided into four grades and the max can reach 16kn/m2.It is suitable for the sour

alkali liquid below 10%.

3. High density polythene ( PE ) is used as main material.The rectangle pipes are extruded by the extruder and

then enter into the twine forming machine.At the same time,the second extruder will spray the rubber strips and

then squeeze to reunite it.

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