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Can ordinary masks be used instead of surgical masks with fusible spray cloth

  These days, I'm also frantically looking for masks. Let me talk about my way of purchasing.

  First of all, the coronavirus is 80-120nm. Because it is generally attached to the body fluid and spewed out, it's generally larger than 0.1um. I forget how much it is. When I buy it, I'll look at the filter diameter.

  If 0.1 μ m (UM) = 100 nm (nm) is not written, look at the filter paper. Generally, the three-layer melt blown cloth uses polypropylene as the main raw material, and the fiber diameter can reach 0.5-10um. If it is a virus attached to body fluids, it can be filtered out. Or you can also see that the national standard medical protective mask conforms to: gb19083-2010n95: conforms to China gb2626 medical surgical mask: China yy0469-2011

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