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Sensor selection of high temperature melt gear pump

  In the whole process of temperature and pressure inspection of high temperature melt gear pump, it mainly depends on the sensor, which is the primary component of the information acquisition system. High temperature melt pump mainly uses temperature sensor, humidity sensor and gas sensor.

  High temperature and high pressure melt pump

  There are three stages in the development of sensors

  1. Analog integrated sensor. The sensor is made of silicon semiconductor technology, so it is also called silicon sensor or single chip integrated sensor. This sensor has single function, small temperature measurement error, low price, fast response, long transmission distance, small volume, micro power consumption, etc. it is suitable for long-distance measurement and control, does not need nonlinear calibration, and its peripheral circuit is simple. At present, it is the most widely used integrated sensor at home and abroad.

  2. Analog integrated controller: analog integrated controller mainly includes control switch, programmable controller, some enhanced integrated controllers (such as integrated temperature controller tc652 / 653) also include a / D converter and solidified program, which is similar to intelligent sensor in some aspects, but it claims that the system is not controlled by microprocessor when it works. 3. Smart sensor: smart sensor (also known as micro digital sensor) came out in the mid-1990s. It is the crystallization of microelectronics technology, computer technology and automatic side test technology (ATE). The smart sensor contains sensor, a / D converter, signal processor, memory (or register) and interface circuit. Some products also include multiplexer, central controller (CPU), random access memory (RAM) and read only memory (ROM). The characteristic of intelligent sensor is that it can output measurement data and related measurement control quantity, adapt to various micro controllers (MCU) and realize the test function through software on the basis of hardware. The degree of intelligence also depends on the level of software development.

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