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Why do you need melt pump melt blown fabric to make mask

  Generally, the medical mask adopts multi-layer structure, which is called SMS structure for short: single-layer spunbond layer (s) on both sides and single-layer or multi-layer melt blown layer (m) in the middle. The best material of melt blown layer is melt blown fabric.

  The main material that brings virus filtering effect to the mask is the m layer in the middle - melt blown non-woven fabric.

  Melt blown fabric is made of polypropylene material called high melt finger fiber. It is a kind of ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth. It can effectively use electrostatic to absorb virus dust and droplets, which is also an important reason why mask can filter virus. (if you don't know whether your mask is anti-virus or not, it depends on whether there is a melt blown cloth in the mask.)

  In fact, these three layers are all non-woven fabrics, the raw materials are polypropylene, but the production process is not the same. The diameter of the spunbond layer fiber on both sides of the inner and outer sides is about 20 microns; the diameter of the melt blown layer fiber in the middle is only 2 microns, which is made of polypropylene material called high melt finger fiber. The melt blown cloth is relatively fragile and cannot be washed with water or sprayed with alcohol. Even if it is wet and dried again, the fiber will be damaged, causing a hole, and the virus will pass through the hole, and the mask will be lost To the protection ability.

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