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Serial and continuous adjustment of extrusion pump

A series connection regulation method of the extruding pump is adopted. When a single metering pump can not meet the transportation task, the parallel or series operation of the metering pump can be used. Two parallel model pumps are used in parallel, although the pressure head changes little, but the total flow rate is increased. The total efficiency of the parallel pump is the same as the efficiency of the single pump; the total pressure head increases with the metering pump in series, the flow rate is not changed, the total efficiency of the series pump is the same as the efficiency of the single pump.]

The energy consumption analysis of the pump under the different regulation methods of the extrusion pump is analyzed in the analysis of the energy consumption under different regulation methods. The article only analyzes the two kinds of regulating methods which are widely used at present, and the variable speed regulation of the pump. As the purpose of the metering pump's parallel operation is to improve the pressure head or flow, the energy consumption in the chemical field is not much, and the energy consumption can be analyzed with figure 2, and the method is basically the same.

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