batte melt pump

Polypropylene metering pump maintenance

Region polyester manufacturers at home and abroad whenever you cannot leave for maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, and to produce its own series of problems such as the quality of the products were discussed and ascension, at this time, you must take some means to do must do a good job in the some skilled technology and related spare parts is a place in the polyester industry. For example, as polyester factory requirements for product quality continue to improve, this requires the design of ideal machine equipment and tools as well as cleaning and maintenance techniques. Melt filter, spinning components, metering pump in use after a certain period of time, will be blocked by dirt, the pressure of the spinning components as well as the import and export of melt filter differential pressure rise, so the need to switch, after cleaning to reuse, mainly use the method of physical, chemical cleaning, dissolved the adhesion of polyester calcined at high temperature, hydrolysis, oxidation, or remove, wash again (acid), alkali and ultrasonic cleaning.

The batte melt pump machine provides a common driving device and control system, and designs the system for the customer to meet its special processing requirements. We have abundant construction experience and excellent engineering construction capability. Guarantee to provide the solution for the customer's precision extrusion processing.

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