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Operation method of vacuum pump in vacuum extruder system

(1) the perfect condition of the vacuum extruder and vacuum pump should be examined carefully, and the suitable lubricating oil or grease is added to the reducer, vacuum pump and each lubricating point in the vacuum extruder according to the instructions of the product. Before the start of the vacuum pump, it is necessary to check the integrity and fastening of the parts as well as to check the flywheels with their hands.

(2) when the engine is opened normally, the cooling water of the vacuum pump should be switched on first, then the vacuum pump drive motor can be started, and the vacuum extruder drives the motor at the end; the order is just the opposite when the machine is shut down. When the cooling water is opened, the water should be discharged from the outlet of the machine, then the total valve is closed to make the empty car start the machine, and the intake total valve can be slowly opened after the normal speed is reached, so as to avoid the low pressure of the vacuum pressure to lose the lubrication.

(3) before stopping, the mud should be stopped first, and the slurry in the machine is completely extruded (when the screw shaft continues to rotate, and the brick and tile body does not move in the axial direction), then the drive motor of the vacuum extruder is stopped, and the vacuum pump driving motor is finally stopped. And use the clean plastic cloth to seal the feeding port and the outlet of the machine mouth to prevent the mud from dehydrating and harden and affect the restart of the vacuum extruder. If the machine is shut down for a long time, the mud in the machine should be cleaned up. Otherwise, the vacuum extruder can not start after the slurry dries up.

(4) when the vacuum pump is used for the first time, it should empty the car to run normally after 1~2h, and then put into the slurry to run 1~2h. If there is no exception, it can be put into production operation. After adding the debris, the brick and tile body should be squeezed out. The vacuum pump is restarted and the qualified brick and tile body can be extruded only when the vacuum is expressed to the prescribed vacuum value. Because the brick and tile body extruded at the beginning of the machine has not been treated by vacuum degassing or the vacuum degassing treatment is not perfect, the qualified brick and tile body should be obtained after reinvesting the vacuum extruder again. The moisture content of the clay should be uniform and the water content is usually about 18%. And the speed of mud addition should be uniform and the amount of mud added should not be excessive.

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