batte melt pump

special metering pump for extruder

The melt pump, a special metering pump for extruder, is a kind of positive displacement conveying equipment, high precision gear clearance and volumetric structure design, making it possible for stable and balanced extrusion. It is widely used in chemical fiber, granulating, plastic film, sheet, sheet, profile, pipe, wire and cable, wire drawing, compound extrusion line and so on. The application has achieved good results.

1., it has the characteristics of metering pump extrusion, facilitating the coordination of upstream and downstream equipment. Because the leakage flow of the gear pump is less, the transport capacity of the pump is basically linear with the speed of the pump. After the metering pump speed changes, the flow rate can be exactly known, because it can determine the speed of the synchronization of the upper and lower equipment and the gear pump, and use the information of pressure and temperature collected at the inlet of the gear pump, the outlet, and so on. The whole process of extrusion is monitored and feedback on-line.

2., it can achieve stable extrusion, improve the dimensional accuracy of extruded products, and reduce the reject rate. In the extrusion process, it is difficult to avoid the phenomenon of uneven feeding quantity, fluctuation of the temperature of the barrel and head, and the pulsation of screw speed. The use of the melt gear pump can eliminate the feeding error of the feeding system, which can greatly weaken the fluctuation of the upstream process transfer, quickly enter the stable working state, improve the precision of the extrusion product size and reduce the waste product rate.

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