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Summary of chemical pump

Chemical pumps are suitable for the extraction of corrosive liquids in bottles, barrels, cylinders, tanks or other containers.

Chemical pumps are widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, synthetic fiber, environmental protection, food, medicine and other departments. The chemical pump has the advantages of stable and reliable performance, good sealing performance, beautiful appearance, convenient use and maintenance. It plays a great role in improving product quality, reducing running, running, dripping, leaking, preventing pollution and improving environment.

Chemical pumps are suitable for chemical, petroleum, metallurgical, power plants, food, pharmaceutical, synthetic fiber and other departments to transport the corrosive medium or medium with high physical and chemical properties at various degrees of temperature.

Chemical pump products include: all kinds of glass fiber chemical pumps, corrosion resistant plastic pumps, high temperature chemical pumps, standard chemical process pumps, magnetic drive pumps and so on.

The chemical pump is used to pump water, which contains abrasiveness, which is harmful to the material of ordinary pump body, suspended, corroded and non explosive material for stainless steel.

Chemical pumps are widely used for water supply; used in heating, air conditioning, cooling and circulation systems; used for civil and industrial applications; used in fire fighting; used for irrigation; used for daily use and civil, industrial, horticultural, irrigation; for rainwater storage projects; used for low noise situations; used for turbocharging, suitable for conveying rot. Corrosion, explosive, granular water or liquid; suitable for pipe network pressurization;

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