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Gear pump extrusion line

In the extrusion line to install a gear pump, pump accurate pressure measurement before the extruder through the PLC to adjust the speed, pressure stability, orderly increase the flow to optimize the feeding process. Melt metering pumps are widely used in the measurement and pressurization of high and low viscosity materials such as PC, PMMA, PET, ABS, PVB, PS, PP and PE. The shell is made of high-quality alloy steel, the gear is made of hardened chrome steel or other high-quality metal materials, with the advantages of high efficiency, leak-proof, etc. The user can adopt the electric heating method according to the actual needs, , Vacuum screw seals and special combinations of seal configurations. Melt pump with straight teeth, helical teeth, and patented design of high precision, low pulsation, low temperature rise, low shear herringbone teeth, for different transport medium, the pump material selection, Batte can provide titanium, Chrome-nickel alloy combination of materials.

The gear pump extrusion line is installed between the extrusion main unit and the machine head so that the fluctuations in the extrusion direction can be separated from the machine head and downstream equipment. Regardless of the gear pump inlet pressure fluctuations, as long as the material into the gear pump can fully fill the cogging gear pump will be able to deliver stable pressure and flow to the head delivery of materials, and to ensure that the nose out without fluctuations, thereby enhancing The stability of the entire extrusion system and product accuracy. At the same time, because the gear pump is a supercharger, it can transfer the supercharging function of the metering section of the extruder to the gear pump to avoid the high power consumption when the extruder operates under the high pressure of the head, Shear, friction, material retention time is long, easy to degrade and other shortcomings, the extrusion productivity increased, the extruder wear and tear reduced.

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