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ZB-B standard extrusion melt pump

ZB-B series of standard extrusion melt pumps are mainly used for pressurized and stable flow transport of extruders or high viscosity polymers. The main heating method is electric heating. It is suitable for PS, PP, PET, PVC, PC, PMMA, PA, ABS, PE-LLD and so on.

Characteristics of ZB-B standard extrusion melt pump

1, ZB-B series: working temperature: less than 400 degrees (750 degrees Fahrenheit), cleaning temperature: less than or equal to 450 DEG C (850 degrees F), the outlet pressure is less than or equal to 40Mpa (6000PSI), viscosity: less than 30000Pa.s.

2, the seal is usually sealed with spiral seal and packing, and other mechanical seals can be used according to the requirements of the customer.

3, drive motor + reducer + universal coupling + pump body, motor adopts frequency conversion speed control or servo speed control, can be adjusted to the required flow at will. In view of the high requirement of the product and the precision, it is suggested that the servo motor speed control is adopted.

4, the heating melt pump adopts the electric heating rod heating or the heat preservation heating sleeve, which can accurately control the melt temperature.

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