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How to choose the driving device of melt pump

Selection of melt pump motor

The drive system of the melt pump is as important as the gear pump itself, because the control precision directly affects the transmission accuracy of the gear pump. There are three commonly used driving methods nowadays: DC motor, AC rectifier motor, Brushless DC system, DC motor is the most commonly used driving mode today, if equipped with good. The analog or digital tachometer can easily achieve 0.1% control accuracy. AC motors are cheap, easy to maintain, do not need to change brushes frequently, coupled with digital feedback can achieve high control accuracy. Brushless DC system is the latest to enter the market, it can control the speed very well, the manufacturer claims to be able to achieve zero deviation, speed ratio can reach 100:1. The shortcoming is that the manufacturers are few and the accessories are hard to get. In recent years, frequency conversion motor has been gradually popularized and applied in China. It is small in size, accurate in speed regulation, and recommended for use of low-power equipment.

melt pump Transmission


In order to reduce the influence of additional force on transmission accuracy, gear pumps usually use universal coupling for transmission. The transmission device can be divided into two types: vertical and horizontal. For larger extrusion systems, horizontal transmission is usually used due to the large transmission. For small extruders, vertical connection is adopted for the rotary device, which has compact structure and small footprint. But the disadvantage is that the extruder chassis can not be made very low.

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