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Extruder dedicated pump cases and applications

extruder dedicated pump cases:   1. water, hot water, heat transfer and other media cycle   2. The mold temperature equipment, die-casting mold temperature,

extrusion pump company - Batte

extrusion pump in particular to a gear pump having acid functional wear. The utility model in accordance with the design provided by the installation of the drive shaft and the driven shaft in the housing, the drive shaft is located within t

extrusion pump operation and maintenance

1, extrusion pump start:   (1) Check all pipes before starting the flange sealing joints.   (2) dynamic coupling plate, no friction and collision sound.

Selection Considerations of extrusion pump

volume change and move the work to rely on extrusion pump between the pump cylinder and gear formed to transport liquid or pressurized so that the rotary pump.

The new extrusion pump 2015

It produced a new type of extremely robust and can be applied in many aspects magnetic coupling extrusion pump through the DLC sliding bearings and precision stainless steel extrusion combined pump structural parts. It is Gather the company

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