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The new extrusion pump 2015

It produced a new type of extremely robust and can be applied in many aspects magnetic coupling extrusion pump through the DLC sliding bearings and precision stainless steel extrusion combined pump structural parts. It is Gather the company

How to improve product quality extrusion pump?

At present, the domestic lack extrusion pump testing instruments and equipment, resulting national annual output of 20 million units out of the box of the lack of reliable quality pump test data. To completely change out the pump industry in

Extrusion pump fault repair matters most noteworthy

(l) extrusion pump failure disintegration maintenance and cleaning, heating and cooling, should be strictly in accordance with the start-stop operation, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

Asian control valve market development prospects

Developing economies such as China and India are control valves, actuators and positioners (CVAP) the main growth engine of the Asian market. These countries are also expected to drive the control valve shipments of Asian growth. China and I

Extrusion pump pressure and noise problems

Extrusion pump is covered by the pump, the front and rear, balanced bearings, main driven shaft, safety valve and mechanical shaft seal and other component parts. The main drive gear is a helical gear set consists of four helical gears, the

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