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The unique volumetric design of the extrusion pump

The unique volumetric design of the extrusion pump Series pumps allows them to deliver precise, consistent transport of polymers without the effects of pressure, temperature, and viscosity changes. The zb series pumps provide the pressure between the extruder and die and match the parameters of the extruder to provide a uniform melt with increased output and tight tolerances.
extrusion pump

Today, batte melt pump's zb series of pumps have become widely used in the polymer industry for the plastics industry. Batte melt pumps are available wherever accurate, pulsation-free and repeatable metering of fluids is required.

For many years in the plastics industry there have been many polymer production facilities that use extrusion pumps to assist in the extrusion process to solve a variety of critical issues. The batte melt pump extrusion pump is designed to work with the extruder to optimize the entire extrusion process.

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