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Extrusion pump series and parallel adjustment method

Batte high temperature plastic extrusion melt pump is mainly used for high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt delivery, pressurization, metering. Its main function is to pressurize and stabilize the hot melt from the extruder, keeping the melt flow accurately and steadily into the extruder head. Today, the melt gear pump has been widely used in chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film, sheet, sheet, profiles, pipe, wire and cable, drawing, composite extrusion and other production lines, Machinable materials cover most of the polymer Materials such as PE, PC, PP, PVC, HIPS, PS, PA, TPUR, fluoropolymers, polysulfones, polyesters, thermoplastic elastomers, rubbers and thermal adhesives.

Extrusion pump pump string, and even adjust the way When a single metering pump can not meet the delivery tasks, you can use the metering pump in parallel or series operation. With two identical metering pumps in parallel, although the pressure head changes little, but increased the total delivery flow, the total efficiency of parallel pumps with the same efficiency of a single pump; metering pump in series when the total pressure head increases, Little change in flow, the total efficiency of tandem pumps with a single pump the same efficiency.

Analysis of energy consumption of pump under different adjustment methods of extrusion pump. In the analysis of energy consumption under different adjustment methods, the article only analyzes the two adjustment methods of widely used valve regulation and pump variable speed regulation. As the metering pump and the tandem operation aims to improve the pressure head or flow, the use of less in the chemical industry, the energy consumption can be combined with Figure 2 analysis, the method is basically the same.

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