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How to judge the quality of cast film extrusion die

The quality of a plastic cast film die will directly affect the quality of plastic products. So how do we judge the quality of plastic cast film mold it? We can judge by the following five methods:

First: in the design must reduce the need to disassemble the scope of the maintenance of a particular component, especially when the cast film wearing parts replacement, to minimize its disassembly range.

Second: the first part of the design should be reasonable, as far as possible the selection of structural programs, parts designers to take into account the technical requirements of parts and their structure must meet the plastic mold manufacturing process and feasibility.

Third: plastic cast film die material selection both to meet customer requirements for product quality, but also take into account the cost of materials and their strength in the set cycle, of course, but also according to the type of plastic mold, the use of work methods , Processing speed, the main form of failure and other factors to material selection.

Thus affecting the quality of plastic cast film die.

Fourth: plastic cast film die structure design, as compact as possible, easy to operate, but also to ensure that the plastic mold parts have sufficient strength and stiffness; plastic mold structure allows, the plastic plastic cast film die parts of the surface of the corners should be designed as much as possible A rounded transition to avoid stress concentration.

At the same time, but also consider how to reduce the impact of sliding parts and frequent impact with wear pieces in the long-term impact on the quality of the mold.

Fifth: plastic cast film die design is to improve the quality of the mold the most important step, you need to take into account many factors, including the selection of plastic mold materials, plastic cast film die structure of the usability and safety, plastic casting Film die parts machinability and mold maintenance convenience, these should be considered at the beginning of the design should be more comprehensive.

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