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Precautions before operation of melt metering gear pump?

1. The melt gear pump shall be fully heated before operation, and the temperature rise per hour shall not exceed 100 C. That is, assuming the current pump body temperature is 0 C and the target temperature is 200 C, the temperature shall be slowly ra

Maintenance of imported melt pump and supply of accessories

The main components of melt pump are composed of pump body, gear, bearing, special shaft seal and side cover. Zhengzhou Batte can provide spare parts for almost all existing plastic extrusion melt pumps in the market, regardless of the initial suppli

How to select the melt pump model?

Before helping the customer select a suitable high temperature melt pump model, it is necessary to understand and confirm the following working conditions with the customer. First, what equipment is used together with? Generally speaking, the equipme

What are the precautions during the installation of the reactor melt pump?

The reactor transfer melt pump is applicable to the reaction transfer of high-temperature and high viscosity polymer melt requiring high output pressure, such as resin, chemical fiber and other industries. It is generally installed at the lower part

How to distinguish the inlet and outlet of the melt pump?

How to distinguish the inlet and outlet of the melt pump? The following is a detailed description: The direction of the arrow on the cover of the melt pump is the material flow direction, that is, the direction of the arrow is the outlet direction of

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