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sheet extrusion pump line

A sheet extrusion line consists of an Extruder (single or twin screw), equipped with a Screen Changer and a Gear Pump, followed by a Static Mixer.

Melt pumps come in a variety of types and sizes to fit the needs of your extrusion, compounding or polymer production process.

Benifits of sheet extrusion pump line

1. Stabilizing the output pressure---the pressure on extruder can be reduced by 30%-50% after using melt pumps.

2. improving the product quality

3. increasing the extrusion output---reducing pressure on screw and chaning the building pressure from "screw to die" to "melt pump to die", so the screw can extrude the products with high efficiency. Mean while the back-pressure on the extruder can be adjusted, reducing the melt residence in screw cylinder, stabilizing the plasticizing process and improving the product's quality and quantity.

4. prolonging the working life---the pressure of extruder screw can be lowered after using the melt pumps, so screw wear can be reduced consumable

sheet extrusion pump line Technica data

1.Rotate speed: ≤60rpm(Adjustable)

2.Temperature: 400°C (max.)

3.Max.Outlet pressure: 350Bar

4.Max.Differential pressure: 275Bar

5.Heating method: Stainless Steel Cartridge Heater

6.Fastening parts: 12.9 high-strength screws

7.Voltage: 380V(Others are optional)

8.Frequency: 50Hz(Others are optional)

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