Rubber gear pump application
Rubber gear pump application are abroad, Which can be selected to counteract abrasion and conform to various materials characteristics of the pumped media. Rubber extrusion pump is particularly appropriate for the measurement and transmission of high viscosity fluid under pressure.
Rubber gear pump application
Rubber Gear Pump Application:
1. polymer extrusion molding, such as granulation, film, pipe, plate, sheet, etc.
2. transporting high-viscosity materials such as PC, PMMA, ABS, HIPS, PET, PVB, PS, PP, PA, PE, PVA and so on.
3. simultaneously, transporting rubber, asphalt, paint, adhesives, coatings, lubricants, Polyalcohol and other non-particulate impurities.
4. pressurized transporting and spinning polyester for cotton-fiber, polypropylene and other chemical fiber melt.
Batte have many types of gear melt pumps, like plastic gear pump, pipeling gear pump , chemical gear pumps and melt pump driven system. The applications are also different.

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