Melt Pump Driven System
Melt pump driven system is used for extrusion pump and Batte melt pump driven system uses PID control system PID digital instrument and frequency control mode, internal pressure, temperature, flow and speed module, greatly improving the usability, operability and control accuracy of the system. 
Melt Pump Driven System
Melt Pump Driven System Variable FrequencyDrive Mode:
1.Save energy and reduce consumption
2.Reduce the requirements of power capacity
3.Reduce costs,optimize drive scheme
4.Vector control,encoder closed-loop(optional)
Melt Pump Driven System Servo Drive Mode:
2.Higher dynamic response
3.Low speed and big torque
4.To following technology with high speed pressure

Packaging Details:
Items are packed in wooden cases.
Delivery Detail:
5-6 Weeks

Irrespective how your process is structured, the best solution will meet your specific customer's application. High-quality and proven components are used in the Melt Pump Driven System for elastomeric applications.Besides,Batte also provided extrusion pump,screen changers and volumetric feedes for you.

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