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The Extruder Used With Gear Pump

The extruder used with gear pump output varies to sosme degree with time, as does the melt quality will be better than the only one extruder.
The Extruder Used With Gear Pump

The Extruder Used With Gear Pump Features:
Avoids excessively high compound temperatures.
Considerable output pressures at high pressure.
Avoids vent type extruder flooding.
Versatile and retrofittable to all extruder lines.
Minimum rubber wastage.
The Extruder Used With Gear Pump Application:
Applicable to a wide range of rubber compounds.
Pins enhance mixing to provide high uniformity in dispersion and plasticization of material.
Rubber can be extruded at relatively low temperatures.
Besides the extruder used with gear pump,only by useing with high quality extrusion pump,you can increase the producing. Batte manufactures polymer pumps extrusion,plastic extrusion pump,rubber extrusion pump,metering extrusion pump.

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