Melt pump failure analysis
The melt pump failure analysis
Melt pump failure analysis
The main fault melt pump are: 
1. The extrusion melt pump does not turn blank   
2. Drain pump sound pressure instability 
4.. bubbles
5. temperature
6. There are dark spots
Specifically as follows
Pump does not turn:
1. The locking shaft and sleeve
    Workaround: disintegration, Depot maintenance
2. The temperature is not enough
    Heated to a melting temperature, holding time and
3. The torque is not enough
    For large motors, increasing the reduction ratio
Leakage of material:
1. seal leakage
    Through cooling water or air
    Replacing the packing, replace the seal
2. Drain Cover
    After heating, tighten the screws again
   Cover and pump high temperature sealant coating
   New grinding plane
Temperature is too high:
1. Bad thermocouple, heating bad, bad instrument replace
2. Pump structural problems
3. The finish is not enough
4. Material viscosity is too high
5. Add cooling, forced cooling, air-cooled water-cooled
6. Replace straight teeth Helical
Pump abnormal sound:
1. The shaft and sleeve friction sound
2. The shaft and seal friction sound
3. Motor sound
4. Reducer sound
Pressure instability:
1. do closed-loop control
2. No Ripple
3. To improve the precision
4. The use of higher drive system
5. Effect of temperature on the pressure
6. The increase or decrease the inlet pressure, changing process conditions
1. Drying
2. Exhaust
3. Increase the inlet pressure
4. Check the pump tightness
5. Check the pump mechanism
Black spots
1. To improve the metering extrusion pump finish,
2. The pump no acute angle and curving
2. changer upstream of the filter impurities
3. Change the pump lubrication, lubrication built

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