Melt pump multifunction device advantages
In addition to melt pump multifunction device advantages of stable transport accidents, melt pump multifunction device also has many other advantages: Compared to only screw extruder, melt pump increase the pressure even more effective, so that the screw head pressure decreases, the melt temperature reduction. So the extrusion gear pumps with the extruder ca increase the output . In addition, melt pump, or a hybrid device that can improve the quality of the melt.
Melt pump multifunction device advantages
Batte products are high quality. Melt pump introduced multifunction device of superb, high precision and fast efficiency. Each product through rigorous testing procedures at the advanced level in China. Our major products are: Melt pumps, extrusion gear pumps, metering pumps, melt gear pump, metering extrusion pump, spinning pump, supporting standards-driven, matching gear, matching the driving mode, supporting the control cabinet.

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