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Extrusion Pump Control System

The S series extrusion pump control system is specially designed for the specific work for the extrusion pump, a new generation of PLC control system specially developed.
Extrusion Pump Control System
S Series Extrusion Pump Control System Advantages:
1. Industry standard
2. reduce maintenance requirements
3. the friendly man-machine interface
4. easy operation and reliable
5. low running cost
The S20 Extrusion Pump Control System Characteristics:
1.pressure closed-loop control
2.pressure alarm
3.independent temperature control zones
4.flow control
5.automatic startup and shutdown
6.touch screen man-machine interface
7.continuous monitoring process value
The S10 Extrusion Pump Control System Characteristics:
1.2 pressure closed-loop control
2. pressure alarm
3.flow control
4. automatic startup and shutdown
5. touch screen man-machine interface

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