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Extrusion Vacuum Pumps

Extrusion vacuum pumps are extremely efficient at building pressure and metering polymer to the die at a highly consistent rate and pressure,compounding or polymer production process.
Extrusion Vacuum Pumps

Extrusion Vacuum Pumps Scope of Usage: 
1.Rubber extrusion pump molding, such as granulation, film, pipe, plate, sheet, etc;
2.High-viscosity materials such as PC, PMMA, ABS, HIPS, PET, PVB, PS, PP, PA, PE, PVA .etc;
3.Rubber, asphalt, paint, adhesives, coatings, lubricants, polyalcohol, non-particulate impurities;
4.polyester for cotton-fiber, polypropylene and other chemical fiber melt.
Extrusion Vacuum Pumps Technical data:
1.Rotate speed: ≤60rpm(Adjustable)
2.Temperature: 400°C (max.) 
3.Max.Outlet pressure: 350Bar
4.Max.Differential pressure: 275Bar 
5.Heating method: Stainless Steel Cartridge Heater
6.Fastening parts:  12.9 high-strength screws
7.Voltage: 380V(Others are optional)
8.Frequency: 50Hz(Others are optional)
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