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Extruder Gear Pump

Extruder gear pump more effectively build than the extruder head pressure, and reduce back-pressure extruder screw axial force to bear down and prolong life.

Extruder Gear Pump
Extruder Gear Pump Details:
Application: pressurization or metering of polymer pumps extrusion
Scope of Application: Almost all kinds of melt
Viscosity:Up to 40000Pas
Material for Pump Housing: M4 Steel
Gear Tooth:Straight (Optional)
Melt Pump Model:0.1CC-6000CC
Capacity Delivery:0.05-120000L/H
Max. Outlet Pressure: Less than 40MPa
Max. Differential Pressure: 275Bar
Heating Method:Stainless Steel Heating Rod
Sealing Method:Mechanical Sealing (Optional)
Since the installation of the gear pump extruder, the pressure reducing function is transferred to the extrusion pump is completed, the extruder can operate at low pressure and temperature state, the leakage flow is greatly reduced, the yield is improved. 

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