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Thermoplastics extrusion pumps

Thermoplastics extrusion pumps are suitable for extruding plastics, elastomers and compounds. The thermoplastics extrusion pumps are applied in the polymer industry, resulting in an improved energy balance and higher capacity for Improving the quality of the end product thermoplastics.
Thermoplastics extrusion pumps
Thermoplastics Extrusion Pumps Working Process:
Extrusion melt pumps for thermoplastics is a pair of matching gears which form a positive displacement pump. Melt is pushed by the extruder into the gear pump for extrusion entry and gets trapped in the chambers between the gears and the housing, carried around and forced out the other end. One gear is driven by an external source, and drives the other gear, and the tooth-to-tooth contact creates a seal between the two gears. 
Thermoplastics Extrusion Pumps Characteristics:
1.plastic extrusion line-extrusion melt pumps and extrusion mold 
2.non-stop the working machine when change the screen
3.leak-free mold
4.Reduction of pressure build-up function in the extruder
5.Increase of output

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atte extrusion pump involves much lower shear than normal extruders pump

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