Pressurized Extrusion Melt Pump
Pressurized extrusion melt pump will minimize the extrusion products, reducewaste and scrap rate. Common extrusion machine can produce high precision products.
Pressurized Extrusion Melt Pump
Advantages of Pressurized Extrusion Melt Pump:
1.Extrusion melt pumps transports the melt through the moulding tool extremely evenly, ensuring a consistently high-quality end product. 
2.Improve the quality of the product dimensions and tolerances.
3.Increase the output, reduce the pressure of the screw melt pump, the screw to die pressing.
Our extrusion pumps have been exported to Singapore, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Korea, Pakistan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, U.A.E, Iran, South Africa, UK, Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, USA, Russia, Australia, etc.

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