Precision Extrusion Gear Pumps For Industrial Companies
Batte precision extrusion gear pumps raise the bar for reliability reduce the screw pressure to increase production capacity.
Precision Extrusion Gear Pumps For Industrial Companies
 Precision Extrusion Gear Pumps Details:
1.Discharge Rate: 0.16cc~600cc/REV 
2.Discharge Pressure: 700kg/cm²G maximum
3. Drive Speed: 1~100rpm
4. Viscosity: 750,000cP 
5.Extrusion pump construction is extremely simple, offering easy disassembly for inspection.
6.Heating Electrical heating and medium heating
Precision Extrusion Gear Pumps Specifications:
1,Extrusion screw pumps for extruder 
2,ZB-B,ZB-C,ZB-D,ZB-H types 
3,Nearly suitable for all the raw materials 
4,Excellent wear resistance

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