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Chemical Gear Pump Extrusion For Reaction Kettle

Chemical gear pump extrusion for reaction kettle also called polymer extrusion reactor discharge pumps. Chemical reactor gear pumps are widely used for production of monomers, oligomers, and other applications.
Chemical Gear Pump Extrusion For Reaction Kettle

Chemical Gear Pump Extrusion For Reaction Kettle Applications:
Chemical gear pump for reaction extrusion melt pumps are used for reaction kettle(ZB-W)Chemical pumps for low viscosity materials transportation and quantitative applications, including transport tasks in transportation and quantitative chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as polymer pumps extrusion production of monomers, oligomers, prepolymers. In beauty, food, petrochemical and polymer industry and other fields to show the reliability of delivery and quantitative accuracy.
Chemical Gear Pump Extrusion For Reaction Kettle Technical Parameters:
Origin: China (mainland) Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
Brand: Batte
High Temperature: up to 300 ℃
Conveying pressure difference: max 120bar.
Viscosity: 0.5 to 10000000mpas
Suction pressure: Vacuum to max 15bar.
Sealing form are: oil seal, gasket seal, threaded seals, labyrinth seals, packing and dynamic seals, mechanical seals.
Polymer extrusion reactor discharge pumps Model: ZB-B, ZB-C, ZB-D, ZB-E, ZB-F, ZB-G, ZB-H, ZB-K, ZB-R, ZB-U, ZB-W, ZB-X

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