batte melt pump

Start-up preparation of diaphragm metering pump

Check whether the oil quality and quantity in the pump of the checking station (in the transmission box, the oil mark level is the middle line, the oil cup of the three valves and the diaphragm chamber should not be the bottom of the red indicator li

Extrusion Melt Pump in Compound Extrusion Production Line

Bate melt pump is a kind of positive displacement conveying equipment. The design of high precision gear clearance and volume structure makes stable and balanced extrusion possible. It has been widely used in chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film

How to evaluate the manufacturer of melt pump

In fact, we have discussed this problem a long time ago. It is also necessary for users to discuss it again today. Compared with this article, users can find a direction to improve the accuracy and rationality of the selection of melt pump manufactur

Reasons for insufficient flow rate of melt pump

Our companys new melt pump capacity is insufficient at the speed of 38r/rain, the actual output is only 78t/d, while the normal output should be 93t/d, so the machine is shut down again for emergency repair. The pump head was boiled at high temperatu

Importance of Melt Pump Sealing in Polyester Plant

Melt pump is an important equipment in polyester plant. The seal of melt pump mostly adopts mechanical seal as filler seal. Because of the high melt temperature, easy deformation of spring and tine rings and the presence of impurities in the melt, me

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