Gear pipeline pump
    Gear pipeline pump is used for transportation, pressurization or the metering of the high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt of the gear structure.
    Rubber gear pump application
    Rubber gear pump application are abroad, Which can be selected to counteract abrasion and conform to various materials characteristics of the pumped media. It is particularly appropriate for the measurement and transmission of high viscosity fluid under pressure.
    External gear pumps
    External gear pumps have been around the longest and are also the simplest. They employ two parallel gears mounted on shafts and can have single or double rows of teeth.
    Peristaltic pump
    Peristaltic pump is used mainly to pump liquids through a tube, which is different than most other pumps in which parts of the pump actually come into direct contact with the liquid. It is one of the most common types of tools used to pump liquids, especially in medical settings.
    High Pressure PP Pipe Extrusion hot melt gear pump
    High pressure PP Pipe extrusion hot melt gear pump adopts special gear structure and special flow design, to ensure the stability of the outlet pressure and flow rate . High Pressure PP Pipe Extrusion hot melt gear pump Features: 1. Minimal melt flow
    Circular melt pump for plastic extruder
    Circular melt pump for plastic extruder material heat resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, have enough strength and stability.
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