Extrusion gear pump working principle
    In extrusion applications, extrusion gear pump stabilizes the process by generating a constant pressure, ensuring a constant flow of material and relieving the extruder from the pressure build-up task.
    Gear pump in plastic extrusion industry
    Gear pump in plastic extrusion can meet plastic profile and plastic tubing extrusion needs.
    How Does Hydraulic Gear Pump Work
    A hydraulic gear pump is a device used to pump hydraulic fluid to power hydraulic motors and actuators. The hydraulic gear pump is attached to a diesel or gasoline motor, which provides power to turn it.
    Thermoplastics extrusion pumps
    Thermoplastics extrusion pumps are suitable for extruding plastics, elastomers and compounds. The thermoplastics extrusion pumps are applied in the polymer industry, resulting in an improved energy balance and higher capacity for Improving the quality of the end product thermoplastics.
    Recycled PET Extrusion Melt Pump
    Recycled PET extrusion melt pump allows conversion of recycled PET into pellets, and/or incorporation of recycled PET into end-products,To make a food grade plastic, the bottles need to be hydrolysed down to monomers, which are purified and then re-polymerised to make new PET.
    Pressurized Extrusion Melt Pump
    Pressurized extrusion melt pump will minimize the extrusion products, reducewaste and scrap rate. Common extrusion machine can produce high precision products.
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