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How Melt Temperature Affects the Stability of Melt Pump Operation

uring the operation of the extrusion m elt pump , the stability is relatively good (low pulsation, high precision), and the flow rate is also very reliable, generally not easy to be disturbed by the surrounding environment. However, only some charact

Long-term development of extrusion pump manufacturers depends on users

Extrusion pump manufacturers do a good job of equipment quality, research more advanced technology, sales of qualified melt equipment is the basic. Contribution to society and long-term technical support for users after equipment sales can improve th

Application of Flexible Graphite in High Temperature Melt Pump

Flexible graphite is a familiar sealing material. So, can it be used for high temperature melt pump shaft seal? If so, why is it not common in practice? Zhengzhou Bate Melt Pump Manufacturer will analyze and discuss the above situation. According to

Our company's PET special melt pump in hot sales

The special melt pump of Shuaiou series PET adopts unique volume design. The special melt pump of PET can provide stable and accurate metering and transportation of melt medium under constant pressure, temperature and viscosity. Because the special m

Product parameters of batte extrusion melt pump

Extrusion melt pump is a kind of mechanical equipment used in many extruders or injection moulding machines, but because of the different production lines, the parameters of the melt pump are different, so the selection of melt pump should be based o

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