batte melt pump

Gear pump cleaning

Gear pump cleaning is importannt because that gear pump screens are typically used to protect the extrusion melt pumps from hard contaminants that could jam in the (very) tight clearances and lubrication channels, in addition to their usual functions

Chemical magnetic coupling seal

Chemical magnetic coupling seal is in principle constructed in the same way as the CHEM but with a synchronous magnetic coupling forming the shaft seal.

Hydraulic pumps different types

Hydraulic pumps different types are manufactured depending on different functional and hydraulic system requirements. Hydraulic pumps are used in many hydraulic systems. It has few moving parts, works smoothly, and operates very well at pressures up to 250 bar.

Benefits of rubber extrusion pump

One of the benefits of rubber extrusion pump is the control on temperature. During extrusion, temperature increase due to compound shearing and the applied pressure.

Melt pump multifunction device advantages

In addition to melt pump multifunction device advantages of stable transport accidents, melt pump multifunction device also has many other advantages

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