Precision Extrusion Gear Pumps For Industrial Companies
    Batte precision extrusion gear pumps raise the bar for reliability reduce the screw pressure to increase production capacity.
    The Best Quality Hot Melt Extrusion Pump
    Hot melt extrusion pump is the process of applying heat and pressure to melt a polymer and force it though an orifice in a continuous process.
    Extrusion Pump Control System
    The S series extrusion pump control system is specially designed for the specific work for the melt pump, a new generation of PLC control system specially developed.
    Hot Melt Gear Pump For Plastic Extrusion Line
    Hot melt gear pump for plastic extrusion line material heat resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, have enough strength and stability. Hot melt gear pump for plastic applied to the extrusion machine and injection molding machine, extrusion efficiency, decreasing the load.
    Extrusion Vacuum Pumps
    Extrusion vacuum pumps are extremely efficient at building pressure and metering polymer to the die at a highly consistent rate and pressure,compounding or polymer production process.
    Polymer Extrusion Gear Pump Transfer Pump
    Polymer extrusion gear pump transfer pump extensive application in metering and boosting of high/low viscosity media and for high pressure and high temperature polymer melt gear pump transfer pump.
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