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Management of heating up process of spinning and fusing nonwovens production line

  Before the spunbond and melt blown nonwovens production line is put into operation, the spunbond and melt blown systems start to heat up from the cold state respectively, including screw extruder, melt filter, melt pipe, spinning pump, spinning box and other equipment, and all kinds of auxiliary equipment, such as cooling water system, compressed air system, etc., should be in normal working state.

  During the heating and warming up of the spinning box, the oil stains left on the spinning box, melt pipe and hot air flow pipe and the moisture in the insulation layer will be vaporized or evaporated, so that some white smoke will be emitted from these parts, and a burnt smell will also be produced. After about half an hour, the amount of smoke will be gradually reduced, the smell will be diluted, and then disappear. This is a normal process. However, if more and more smoke is produced, the color becomes yellow or black, and the smell becomes more thick, it indicates that overheating, smoldering or open fire has occurred in the system, which is a dangerous signal, if not handled in time, it is very easy to cause fire accidents. Therefore, the temperature rise site must be inspected by personnel. In case of any abnormality, careful inspection must be carried out. The temperature rise can only be continued after troubleshooting. A certain number of dry powder fire extinguishers shall be prepared on site for emergency.

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