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Extrusion Metering Pump

The extrusion metering pump pressurizes and stabilizes pressure of hot melt polymers coming from the extrusion,then send into extruder dies the final extrusion molding process.
Extrusion Metering Pump

Features of the extrusion metering pump:
1. Extrusion metering pump output quantity is constant.
2.Specific output will not change,due to heat generated by shearing, is small, even when extrusion pump pressure is increased.
3. High outputs can be attained with gear pumps, even under high revolution speed and high extrusion pressure.
In extrusion screw pumps applications, extrusion metering pump (melt pumps) stabilize the process by generating a constant pressure, ensuring a constant flow of material and relieving the extruder from the pressure build-up task.  Design polymer melt gear pump its application process there are three types of gear, spur, helical and herringbone gear.

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