How Does Hydraulic Gear Pump Work
A hydraulic gear pump is a device used to pump hydraulic fluid to power hydraulic motors and actuators. The hydraulic extrusion gear pumps are attached to a diesel or gasoline motor, which provides power to turn it. 
How Does Hydraulic Gear Pump Work
Hydraulic Gear Pump Work Process:
Material is delivered to the gear pump by a screw extruder which masticates the material prior to entry. The masticated material is pulled into the hot melt extrusion pump by intermeshing herrigibone gear teeth at a constant rate, irrespective of screw rotation speed, ensuring the gear pump cavity remains full. Minimal shear is generated in the gear pump so increases in material temperature are minimal – important when processing temperature sensitive materials.

The gear mounted to this shaft engages the other gear.Fluid on the inlet side flows into and is trapped between the rotating gear teeth and the housing.The gears turn in opposite directions, each pushing fluid around the outside of the case from the inlet valve to the outlet valve. Because they mesh in the middle, the gears don't carry fluid back in the other direction but continuously move fluid toward the outlet.

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